Sunday, 24 June 2018

Carly T & Katherine F

A wonderful shoot starring two very special young ladies! We've gotten to know Carly so well in the past few months, her cute body and excellent sexual skills, so it's a joy to see her passionate, animated self back for another go-round. For her very first T3, Katherine is a revelation! She is an extraordinary beauty and something about her lovely face and flawless body reminds me of Renaissance paintings. It's so wonderful to see her so enthusiastic and uninhibited in making love.
Katherine looks lovely as she opens her legs wide to give Carly the best angle to lovingly lick and stroke her gorgeous pussy, and her panting, moaning orgasm is exquisite. When she gets down between Carly's legs to try her tongue at oral, it's possibly even more beautiful. Her passionate licking and determined looks up at Carly show just what a caring and thoughtful lover she is. How amazing that at the moment of her orgasm, Carly leans into kiss Katherine! Just so sweet and darling. A phenomenal round of tribbing as well: I love that Katherine has an orgasm during it! Sometimes I wonder if pussy-to-pussy contact is a bit more fun for the viewers than the girls, but Katherine managed to cum while tribbing both Carly and Susie, so I gather she enjoys it about as much as I do.


Melinda you're a real beautiful girl. Lovely long dark hair (I love long hair), sparkling eyes, great smile, and a nice curvy body (very nice bums btw).

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Marleen S

The very beautiful, very flexible, tall Dutch Marleen makes a stunning debut on in this very provocative and sexual shoot.
Stretching her long legs and toned body she undresses to reveal her smooth shaved pussy and small, pert breasts. Her seductive smile and fun personality highlight her great personality. Moving from the bed to the floor she tears cuts and rips her way out of her tights!

Dark Nipples

As Zara sketches in her drawing book, she grabs her measuring tape and presses it against her round breasts. Turning around, she slowly pulls her tight pants off revealing her perfectly round bum.
Taking off her bra, Zara's dark skin body is only covered by a book pressing her breasts and hard nipples. As Zara takes off her panties, her long curly pubic hair is uncovered. Leaning forward in the couch, Zara's long braids of dark hair fall on her breasts and dark skin body as she crawls down from the sofa to the floor.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Menstruation on panties

Running her hands up her slender, naked body Mila explores her pert breasts and full bush of pubic hair.
Showing her flexibility, Mila moves into her Yoga poses to stretch her tall frame. Pushing out her small bum and long legs she looks down through her glasses at herself. Her fingers combing gently through her pubic hair she spreads her soft, pink labia and starts to press her fingers inside herself!

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Sitting next to the fireplace, Paula spreads her legs, showing her panties through the edge of her tight shorts. Katherine gently unbuttons her shorts and places her hand in them as she grabs Paula's small breasts and erect nipples with the other.
As Katherine is being undressed by Paula, she firmly places her foot in between Paula's legs. Paula loves this feeling and she grabs her foot and pushes it towards her as she leans forward. While Katherine holds her legs up in the air, Paula sensually tours with her tongue around her body, kissing her ass and slowly moving into between her legs. Standing next to the fireplace, Paula pushes her bum up as Katherine, kneeling behind her, puts her face in between her bum cheeks as Paula holds her head firmly, loving every moment of it. Raising her leg, Paula displays her flexibility while Katherine vigorously fingers her.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hayley T

Hayley's dark little nipples sit perfectly centre on her full, pert, ski-jump breasts. But you won't find that out until she unhooks and unzips her pretty red dress and chooses to reveal everything to you..yummy! Hayley is drop dead gorgeous, long legs, a great arse, great smile - even dimples! She's perfect!
Hayley T is just beautiful! She's got the prettiest and very cute face and her body is to die for!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Lady bird

Dominique is back looking as lovely as ever, this time she is not alone. She has come along with her good friend Miss Ladybird, and luckily for us Dominique shows us just how close they are.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Lucie L

Squeezing together her large, pert breasts Lucie holds your gaze! The tan lines from her bra channel your vision down towards her slender body and smooth shaven vulva. Undressing outdoors Lucie lays back, her breasts standing pert she runs her hands over them and down towards her wet, open vagina! Pushing her fingers in she tenses as the pleasure radiates through her body.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Bubble Butt

Vera walks around the garden, bending over to water the plants, emphasizing her round bum inside her tight shorts. Slowly taking her top off, Vera smiles as she continues by unclipping her bra, letting her breasts in the open.
Taking off her tight shorts, Vera uncovers her matching panties and pulling the fabric of her panties gently up, we are able to deduce her immaculate shave job. Laying completely naked, Vera caresses her soft body skin all the way to between her legs, spreading her labia apart as she seductively smiles.